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Original Plumbing (the print) Magazine: OP is the premier quarterly print magazine dedicated to the culture and lifestyle of transgender men. Founded in September of 2009 by Amos Mac and Rocco Kayiatos in San Francisco, Original Plumbing continues to be independently published and distributed out of Brooklyn, NY. The magazine is dedicated to documenting diversity within the trans male community through photographic portraits and essays, personal narratives, and interviews. We feel that there is no single way to sum up what it means to be a trans* man because we each have different beliefs, life experiences, and relationships to our own bodies. Original Plumbing gives the trans male community the opportunity to speak for and about themselves, taking the focus away from bodies and medical transition, and transferring it to a greater experience of their lives. Original Plumbing magazine is available at fine independent bookstores and novelty shops internationally. A complete list of shops that carry OP can be found here. To order through our shop, please go here.
Original Plumbing Online: OP Online started as an extension of the quarterly print magazine, as a place to put all the content we loved but could not fit into the print issues. Over time it has grown exponentially and became its own entity. Thus, after years of growth and interest we have expanded the content to reflect the larger trans* community. Original Plumbing Online is comprised of writers and readers from around the world that are trans* male, trans* female, non-binary trans* and their allies. We offer content that is timely and relevant, dealing specifically with issues that are important to the trans* community.
In addition to the magazine and the website, Original Plumbing has regular parties, readings, and events across the country. It is our aim to continually give a voice and create space, both in print and online as well as in the physical world, for a vastly under represented population.
Just a friendly reminder: Original Plumbing Online’s “First Person” personal essays do not necessarily reflect the ideals of Original Plumbing or its editors, nor do any First Person writers intend to speak on behalf of anyone other than themselves. First Person writers are simply speaking honestly from their own hearts and experiences.

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